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China Bound

By July 26, 2014 Blog No Comments

China Bound

Great News! We have just signed a publishing deal with ZDL Publishing to begin the process of getting Don’t Follow Me I’m The Leader printed in Chinese. The publishing company ZDL, which is located in Beijing, contacted us a few months ago about coming on board with their company to make the book available in Chinese. After hearing about the process and the potential market we were all in. We learned through the conversation that the book would first be presented to the People’s Republic of China for review. If accepted, the government would then issue the ISBN number which would make it a legally endorsed book and would be eligible for distribution in all markets of the country. The possibilities are astounding and the opportunity to contribute to the lives of so many young leaders is inspiring. The process will take about nine months after which ZDL will make its first run of 15,000 copies. We are grateful to ZDL for their consideration of the book and are looking forward to great results. We will keep you updated on the progress as well as the journey as it unfolds. Thanks again to everyone for your support.


You can, as long as you include this complete statement with it: Author and Dynamic Speaker Dave Dungan has over 30 years in leadership development. Dave’s experience ranges from startups to non profits, consulting to event speaking. Dave’s unique ability to connect with people and truly inspire future leaders is unmatched in todays presentations. His breakout book “Don’t Follow Me I’m The Leader” is taking the businesses world by storm and is paving the way for the future leaders of tomorrow.  Sign up for Free success and leadership tips at http://dontfollowmebook.com.  “Don’t Follow Me I’m The Leader” is available at all major online retailers.

About Dave

Author and standout speaker Dave Dungan has a wealth of information and knowledge to share. With over 30 years in leadership development, Dave has honed what it really takes to be a true leader. His passion for people and life change led his to pen his break out success Don’t Follow Me I’m The Leader which has amassed 20,000 plus sales in just a short amount of time. Word is getting out and spreading that this book is not just a book, it’s an experience. Dave’s ability to transform the book in to presentations have led him to stages across the country speaking in crowds of thousands to small classrooms of just a handful. The end goal for Dave is to create relationships with people though his messages that help change and develop readers and listeners to their full and deserved potential.